NOSA Agricultural Services has teamed up with Paterson Agri-Services. Our mission is to strive towards satisfying the needs of our clients and customers by means of multidisciplinary expertise, research and professional service provision.

In the past 12 years Paterson Agri-Services has successfully completed 60 projects. The majority of these projects have dealt with aspects of the Red Meat Industry from Production through to Marketing. This process generally included extensive and intensive beef production, feedlotting, processing and marketing of meat products. We have also successfully taken on the role of Team Leader and Special Consultant to many other projects.

Our services include:

• Management of Research and Extension services to commercial farmers
• Development of Emerging farmers into commercial farmers
• Developing and Reporting on Agricultural Projects
• Presentations on Agricultural subjects
• Communication with Farmers, Government and International organizations
• At all times cognisance is made of the needs of the People involved in the projects, the Biodiversity and the Environment as well as the Costs and Profits involved
• Training has always been a major component of all our projects

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Some of our success stories

Date Location Company & Reference Position Description
2014-2015 South Africa Golder & Associates

Justin Du Toit

[email protected]

Livestock Production Consultant Develop a feasibility project for the Babanango district in Northern KwaZulu Natal. Consider the development of livestock sourcing, a feedlot, an abattoir and meat processing to marketing
2013 Oman Omani National Livestock Development Company(LTD)

Adam Asosa Al Basha

[email protected]

Team Leader Develop the off-take of livestock (Goats,Cattle and Camels)  in the Dohar region of Oman and design a suitable feedlot, abattoir, processing plant and marketing program for the products. Provide the required rations for on-farm Feedlotting and for the commercial feedlot.
2006-2014 South Africa South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)

Anthea Stephens, [email protected]

Team Leader:

Red Meat Value Chain specialist

·         Implementation of three pilot projects on 72 commercial farms, introducing grassland management and biodiversity principles to these farmers

·         Developing relevant Standards and Indicators for Commercial Beef, Sheep and Game Production, Feedlots, Abattoirs, Processing and Retail outlets.

2010 Swaziland Bosch Projects Pty Ltd

Andrew Church

[email protected]

Communal Livestock specialist ·         Produce a guide to the development of Livestock production (Dairy, Beef, Goats, Chickens) in the Matsejenji region of the Jozini Irrigation Project.
2009 Botswana Joggie Prinsloo

[email protected]

Red Meat financial specialist ·         Develop a financial model for beef production in Botswana.
2008 South Africa Golder Associates

John Howcroft

[email protected]

Livestock specialist ·         Environmental impact assessment of the development of three Nuclear Power sites in South Africa on Livestock Production and the potential contamination of livestock products
2008 Botswana Mmamabula Energy project

Richard Hurt

[email protected]

Communal Grazing Managementspecialist ·         Mitigating the effects of the development of coal production on the livestock producers affected by this development through improving the remaining grassland and introducing the livestock owners to entrepreneurial opportunities
2007-2010 Swaziland Tibiyo Dairy Farms

Zacheus Nkosi

[email protected]

Dairy specialist ·         Evaluation and upgrading of the Swaziland National Dairy farms
2007-2009 South Africa National Red Meat Producers organization

Aggrey Mahanjana

[email protected]

Beef Financial specialist ·         Business courses in Beef Production and Marketing
2007-2009 South Africa Nomalanga Farming

Irvin Pascal

[email protected]

Red Meat Value Chain specialist ·         Development of physical and financial Manuals for extensive and intensive beef production, feedlots, abattoirs, processing plants and retail marketing.
2005-2006 South Africa Department of Economic Development-Mvelo

Richard Hurt

[email protected]

Communal Livestock specialist ·         Development of a livestock production and marketing program for communal farmers in Jozini and Umhlabuyalinga Municipalities. Develop a model for slaughtering, processing and marketing red meat.
2004 Saudi Arabia Golder Associates

Jon Howcroft

[email protected]

Dairy specialist ·         Environmental assessment of pollution due to oil fires affecting dairy cows in Eastern Saudi Arabia.