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Course Category: Crop Production
Price: R2,000.00 Incl. VAT

Course Covers:

Introduction to Market Gardening
Layout of the Vegetable Garden. Compost and Mulching. Cropping Seasons. Sowing Guide. Handling of Crop Protection Products. Marketing.

Brassicas – Cabbage
Climate. Fertilisation. Seedbeds. Transplanting. Irrigation. Harvesting. Weeds, Pests and Diseases. Varieties.

Brassicas – Other
Brussels Sprouts. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Kale & Rape.

Onions & Leeks
Introduction Onions. Introduction Leeks. Climate and Soils. Climatic Requirements. Varieties. Management. Fertilisation. Planning. Pests and Diseases. Harvesting and Storage.

Peas & Beans
Edible Peas. Edible Beans

Varieties. Soil Preparation. Seed. Planning. Irrigation. Fertilisation. Pests and Diseases. Harvesting

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Aligned to Unit Standard 116305, 116297 & 116316 NQF Level 4 Credits 3

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